Battered person syndrome is why we have Donald Trump

I know that there is a such thing as Battered Wife Syndrome (BWS), but as a nation I think the 36% of people that still defend Donald Trump fall under the term Battered Person Syndrome. No I do not know if the term actually exist other than it being called BWS which apparently only effects women. Trust me as a person that was in a very volatile relationship I can clearly see it when other people do or did the same things that I did. Some of you have already stop reading, others may be a little curious yet no one wants to admit that they are in that type of relationship,but if you still support Trump, then yes you are definitely in a Battered Person Relationship.

It is not caused by being in an intimate relationship with someone,no it is caused by being friends with someone who uses Psychological aggression examples include calling a person names, humiliating them, or coercive control, which means behaving in a way that aims to control the person. The symptoms include: love the person who is harming them and believe they will change,deny that anything is wrong or excuse the person who is lying to them, and have moral or religious reasons for staying in the relationship aka republican party.

I can relate, I am not pointing a finger at anyone who still supports this man. I understand. He constantly lowers the bar so that when he does anything slightly good we are so happy. We think this is the moment that he becomes this great person. I thought that for ten years. I looked for any thing good for him to say or do. I believed the lies, I lowered my expectations so that I would cheer him on for the smallest of things a 10 year old could do. I defended him when everyone told he is not going to change, that is who he is. But I thought no he did something different and good today.

And that’s what is was :only for that day. He did something good for that day. He always reverted back the next day, hell sometimes he reverted back the same day,sometimes in the same sentence. Because in the end that is who he is.

I do not believe Trump drinks alcohol at all, it does not make him any less potent. You can be Democratic and be right and you can Democratic and be wrong. You can be Republican and be right and you can be Republican and be wrong. What ever you are at least be honest with yourself.

If I stepped on your toes, get over it. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth, I know.

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We all make mistake,I’m just saying