If beauty is not important

We tell our children,we tell ourselves, we tell other people: It’s not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that is most important. I think we like to believe that,though it is not true. Lets be honest here can we? If beauty were not that important why are there so many different types of make up and hair products,and clothing to enhance our features. You don’t see people saying “well I just wanted to look ugly today.” 

No no one wants to be called ugly. It’s the way people say the word UGLY. It is said in a mean forced out way. Almost like a form of punishment. If it were in a song, it would be said  in the sound of a tuba or a drum. Yet we tell people beauty is not that important.

Pretty and beautiful people are treated better and or often trusted more often than less attracted people. In fact in a way we are taught that Ugly people can not be trusted and they are mean. Remember Cinderella she had two mean Ugly step sisters. And Snow White was tricked by an Ugly witch.  So from childbirth we are taught Ugly means mean and do not trust.

What I want you to think about is. The beautiful people did nothing different except be born beautiful. They are most likely outgoing and happy because people have always treated them and a nice manner.Unattractive people are treated mean because no body cares about their feeling or people do not think that they have feeling. Trust me in this, no one wants to be called Ugly.  

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Every week the school is asking for__________________.

need copy paper,ink,markers,


Here it is November 2018 and already I sent so much money for various request to my children’s teachers. Yet this month they are still asking for more.This month alone they have pizza day,skate day, send copy paper becasue we are low day,  ink for the printer day,fun run day(to raise money for the school day),Spirit Night day( any child that goes to the designated  and bring in receipt the school gets a portion). Also this month the class room mom is sending home envelope  for the parents to donate money for the teachers gift. And a list of her favorite things is being sent home so that if possible we can just purchase the gift for the teacher and send it to school for the teacher.

It like it never ends, the need for money. I love my children’s teachers all of them. The very idea that they are teachers is very honorable to me. I think I would go a lot crazy if I had to be around so many children ALL day. Teachers GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I just want to know where is the money going. I am not asking you. I believe  you ask the same questions. Perhaps I am complaining to deaf ears. Every so many years we are asked to pay more on property tax and a .1 cent sales tax. Where is it going? Yeah more schools are being built but the supplies for the school(computers,paper, ink, etc…)

Teachers we want to help but we can only do so much. I’m just saying. Anyone else face this problem>





Mean Girls

I saw this quote the other day and it made me think. Do beautiful girls really have to do hard things? I mean a movie was made called “Mean Girls.” These high school girls were mean to the up tenth level. In fact many movie about teen age girls always focus on the beautiful girl being mean. I would question why are they so mean.But then I know. They have always had things done for them and no one ever tells them no.And when someone finally does it is normally to late. Their ego is too big to except anything else. Have any of you ever had to deal with a mean girl

15 Amazing <em>Mean Girls</em> GIFs To Remind You Why It's The Best Movie <i>Ever</i>!

I’m just saying. The crazy happens when they don’t  have their way.

Not living by the rules.

"To be taken with love for a soul, God does not look on its greatness, but on the greatness of its humility."~St. John of the Cross

Just a thought. Why is it that the Nuns and Priest who want to force a particular concept on people are the same people not living by this concept. I will not claim to have read all of the bible, but I have looked for the part that states that a man should remain without sex to be closer to God. I have not found it anywhere.  Where does it come from and why do many priest not follow that rule FOR REAL. These are the people who do not believe in birth control. Probably because they are constantly sleeping with other men or molesting young boys and girls while still professing  their love of God. Hence no need for birth control.

Then there is the nuns which are often described as mean and abusive,not all of them. But do we really no what they are doing when no one else is around. We assume they are doing the right thing. Yet I am sure we made the same assumption about the priest.

Theses are people who are suppose to worship and love God but they have only shown they worship God when we see them and  just maybe they worship lust when the door are closed. Why are we following the rules/laws of people who only follow them when we see them.

Some Christians say they hate abortions so they tend to lean right. Make know mistake I do not believe that when a woman decides to have an abortion it is an easy choice. Most likely harder than making a decision to molest a child over and over and over again. No these two things are not the the same. But often one is forgiving while the other is frowned upon so much so that the woman is commended to hell.

What I do know about the bible is God gave us ten commandments and not just one. And the same people that only remember one are the same ones who think it is ok to kill someone for stand your ground or whatever reason they can justify in their head when a person on color, black or brown is killed. This could be for something as simple as getting a wallet out of your pocket (dead) walking home at night(dead) music to loud (dead)The Amateur Writer: Ten Commandments Printable

This does not say Christians to me, instead it says I can pick and choose which command makes me feel good never mind the rest. Please tell me what you think and where I got things wrong. Better yet someone explain to me the celibacy thing with priest and nuns.

This is where we are

My son hears Donald Trump name chanted almost every time he turns on the TV. When we are riding down the road he will start to chant Donald Trump. I admit that is upsets me.And I found myself so close to yelling at him to make him stop. Instead I explained to him the way I see Donald Trump. I’m sure some of you reading this will not agree and some of you will agree. Either way I said these words.

“Son the reason it upsets me to hear you chant this man’s name is because, yes a lot of jobs have been brought back to the country. Unemployment is down. Some people are getting richer.But it’s like this: if you had a job where you dug holes all day and now you are promoted to a where people kick you all day would that make you happy?” I know there probably is no job where they kick you all day, but who knows. I went on to tell him, “Money can’t fix all your problems it does help but only so much. Donald Trump has been giving everything he has ever wanted and he is still not happy. And not just him there are many rich people who are not happy.Money is not everything.”

As a country we are being torn apart. Some of us see it, and yet we can’t believe our eyes and our ears. How can so much proof of lies be verified and people still believe the lie. Then I think about it. Most people can justify anything. on Seinfeld George justified  running out of a burning building while pushing women and children down by saying he was clearing a path.

What are people telling themselves to believe Trump lies. And what is the cost of these lies to us as a society. Will it be fun to have the biggest house in the neighborhood and you can not talk to your neighbor. Will it be cool to have the nicest car and have people throw rocks at it because they hate the person driving it.

Will we look at ourselves later like  Oscar Schindler and realize almost to like what we have done. People I leave you with this.  And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mark 8:36

Don't gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold...Quite literally the saddest, yet best movie ever. End makes me cry every time. Can't wait to watch again!!!!

This could easily be us.


Chasing the moon

TONIGHT......Supermoon is a spectacular sight! The upcoming supermoon - on Monday, Nov. 14 - will be especially "super" because it's the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won't see another supermoon like this until 2034. The moon's orbit around Earth is slightly elliptical so sometimes it is closer and sometimes it's farther away. When the moon is full as it makes its closest pass to Earth it is known as a supermoon. At perigree - the point at which the moon is closest to Earth.

I will start this blog off by admitting I am left handed. To say that according to my mom is admitting that I am backwards. I tend to think that I don’t think like other people do. I think way more than outside of the box. I tend to think in circles that surround a box. Perhaps I am  loosing you here. Give me a minute will you. Somewhere in my mind all things come together. Okay okay where am I going with this.Okay here goes

You would have to have been pretty much away from everything moving in order to know that only a couple of days ago there was this big hullabaloo about the mega millions. The very idea that a person could become an instant almost millionaire perhaps even a billionaire made people crazy. There were lines miles long across america of people spending thousands of dollars in hopes of becoming filthy  rich instantly. In California alone there were more than 500 tickets sold per second. People truly believed that they could possibly be the next billionaire, millionaire, next winner. Right

My questions why do so many of us believe that we could easily be the next billionaire but were never believe we can be the next person to get addicted to drugs. Why don’t we believe the school our child goes to could be the place of the next school shooting. Why don’t we think something bad will ever happen to us.I mean truthfully I’m sure the odds would be about the same as winning the lottery. Hell the odds may be greater , yet we still believe we can win the lottery, so much so that we put money on it.

Just think if we put as much enthusiasm as we do in winning the lottery,in being healthy and keeping our children safe the world would be a better place. No make no  mistake.I don’t want people to loose their since of belief and the ability to dream. There is nothing wrong with chasing the moon, because sometimes the problems comes when you actually catch it. I’m just saying

People tell me of things you chased your whole life only to get it and regret it.




Starting the game with one strike

To start off ,my dad was a manly man. He hunted, fished, worked on his truck, climbed trees, cut down trees, killed alligators, hell he even went wild boar hunting with just a knife. He is a legend where I come from. There were people coming from all over the country wanting to hunt with him. He was so tough and cool and handsome  and so manly that despite being a girl I wanted to be like him.No not the manly part, you know the tough and cool part ,I wanted to be the cool tough little girl he would be proud of.

And for the most part I was. He took me and my sister and brother  hunting sometimes. Sometimes I would go hunting by myself. I could’t wait to show my dad what I had killed for dinner that day. If I went fishing I wanted my dad to see the big fish I caught.

Growing up I always felt the need to prove myself to him,when he was there and when he wasn’t there. I did not know it at the time but somewhere in there I was teaching myself that men expect more of women. Let me explain.

I entered the military at age 18, at the time I was 5’2 barely over 100 pounds. I know some of you reading this might be wondering why am I putting my weight and height in this. Well becasue it is important to the story. I went in military opened general something I now know was  a big mistake. I made it through basic fairly easy, then from there you are told the job you will be training for. I learned I would be training to be a security apprentice which later would be called security forces. The Filthy PIG :) M60 machine gun at @otbfirearms. Pure American Metal. #badass #military #gunporn #beastmode #metalhead

Here’s the thing about that, they had a habit of giving the smallest person the biggest gun(weapon). And if you couldn’t carry that you didn’t belong in that field. So when I got that M60. I did not complain. I carried it like I was suppose to. When I got to my first base and we had field training aka exercise I would be stuck with the M60,  the assault pack,spare barrel,and 500 rounds of ammunition. All this stuff weighed about 50 pounds or more.Now imagine if you can running around carrying about 50 pounds of metal, with a gas mask on when you are only 5’2 a little over 100 pounds.

Of course I did not complain. I did not complain when I would watch when sometimes the flight commander sometimes would assign the M60 to the largest man on the team and all the men on my team would offer to take his spare barrel,  his assault pack, his 500 rounds of ammunition. Because then the men would say that’s to much for him to run with. But if I would have complained I would have been told “that’s why women should not be allowed in this career field.”  Make no mistake I have heard many men say that. The sad part is is that I also would get mad when the other women would ask the other team members to help her carry her load. Because I knew the complaint would come and we as women would be judged by that one woman who asked for help despite the men automatically getting help.

As women I think we a born with a strike against us for not being men. If we ask for help we a are considered weak, and if we can’t do something men can do we are told to stay in our lane. Why is it ok  for men to get help but not women? I know men don’t often ask for help but make no mistake if a man is building something at the sound of  a saw other men come running to help without being asked.

And women why do we look down on other women when they need help. We too should ban together and not have to ask other women to help us,no we should be like the men and run to the sound of heels clicking on the pavement.





Now we should make a statue of him.

I know some of you are reading the title of this blog and maybe in complete outrage that I would suggest that perhaps we should now make a statute of this man. After all he has been convicted of sexual assault. But he has done so much for the black community. He is a part of my heritage. I know that he possibly could have raped 60 women, but he did so many great things for black people. Please build a statue of  him and put it near a sexually assault building , or at least name a school after him or  great college where all these women he assaulted can remember him and all the great things he did to for heritage.

In case any of you have not figured out ALL of the above is sarcasm,yet these or the words used by people who can justify the need to have the rebel flag and the confederate statues that are placed around this country. Imagine, if you can for a moment if we made statues of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, or Adolf Hitler and placed them in places where the people were the victims of their crimes.

Think about it. I mean Harvey Weinstein made many great movies,Bill Cosby was “America’s father, and Hitler was elected as president. These three men in their own way I am sure did some great things. But it is not what people remember about them. We remember the bad.

Now if can for a moment think about how you would feel IF statues where made and erected of these people and placed in places where their victims often gathered or lived. Imagine if you can for one moment seeing the man that killed your entire family statue ,placed in the city square where you lived. And in that same square they renamed the park after him and made a holiday just for him.Imagine if you can a school named after the man that raped you. Imagine a place that has a parade for the man that molested and raped you.

This is what black people feel about the people that what the statues to stay up. And the argument is: “they fought for our rights, they are a part of my heritage, we can’t forget our past.”

But last I checked, and make no mistake I could be wrong, there are no statutes of Adolf Hitler. Nor are their school named after him. Nor roads being named after him. Nor holidays dedicated to him.

All I am trying to say is this, the confederate statues remind black people of the times when their families where torn apart and sold, the women and yes some men where raped, they were forced to live like animals and treated worst. Basically blacks were treated less than second class citizens.

Would you want a reminder via statues, road, schools, holidays, are any other way to celebrate a person that made you a victim displayed anywhere?

I am up for different points of views so please comment. Agree or disagree