Thank you mom

I came into this world,probably screaming and crying

I’m sure I bought her lots of pain,perhaps she felt like she was dying

Yet she held me close,fed me, and made sure I felt love

Played softball ball me, even when we couldn’t afford gloves

She helped me with my homework,stayed up late when I was sick

Her days long, and nights naps where short and quick

From the first day of kindergarten,to graduation of the twelfth grade

I think of you now,and thank you for all the sacrifices you made

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Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

For the past few days the news media has ran rampant over the “Varsity Blues,” scandal. This scandal is where rich or shall I say wealthy parents pay large sums of money to ensure that their child would be admitted to these “great on the resume and great clothing to show off” schools by any means necessary. I wonder did they even care if the children learn anything, or that despite the fact that these children already had everything going for them why did the parents feel the need to add Harvard to their already A+ life. I mean an A+ is already a home run.

Yet believe it or not I am not going to go on about these parents and their need to ensure they could later brag about their child getting into Harvard or Yale or whatever college could put them in the “My child graduated from Yale,” category. Instead I ask this, what is so great about these colleges that other colleges do not have? If the curriculum is harder, or tougher, then perhaps the other colleges out there need to step up their game. They need to find out why so many student want to attend the “Ivy league colleges,”

Undoubtedly more colleges need to show of there most elite alumni so that potential and future students will know that even non Ivy League colleges produce great ceos,vice presidents, and presidents. If all colleges are not equal, then the sub par colleges need to hire better professors and stop asking for more tuition if you are not hiring the best.

I do know this, nothing stays on top forever. It may take while to fall, but it will happen. I say that last part to say this…..Yale,Harvard,Stanford,Wake Forest will someday be the Myspace of colleges. All the other colleges have to do is step up their game.

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One other thought. The price of college is always guaranteed to go up,why can’t they guarantee a job. Just a thought

Happy Women’s Day

As you all know I love this show,therefore I always find a way to make it relate to everyday life.

Today I salute all the women in the world. Not only because you are a woman, but the struggle is real living in a man’s world. We are often abused,beating,underpaid, overlooked,looked down on, taking advantage of, walked on,sold, laughed at, not believed,belittled. I could go on. yet some kind of way we find a way to keep on going.

Way to go women. It is OK to be selfish every now and then.

Hey Mom, I love You

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My letter to Khloe Kardashian and other,other sisters

You will probably never read this and that is okay. I think I write this more for myself and for the other sisters of the world. You will only understand this if you are the other sister. The other sister is the one nobody pays attention to or is often compared too. She is the sister that people don’t care how she feels, and she is often overlooked are talked about right to her face.

You don’t know this if you are not the other sister, yet the ones that do they understand. Perhaps I am projecting my feeling about life on Khloe or the other sisters of the world. I know how I was treated and sometimes I am still treated like that even now.

My younger sister complained that Khloe had so much work done to her face, and she wondered why did she have to do so much plastic surgery. I responded. ” You’ve never had someone walk up to you and tell you that your sister is pretty, what happen to you?” My sister seem to be shocked when I told her of the people that often reminded me that my face was broken out are that I was not pretty. Hell I’ve had people flat out tell me that I was ugly and they would not care how I reacted.

And Kloe if your are anything like me or some of the other sisters you find yourself in relationships becasue finally someone like you and did not secretly like your sister. You did not care that it was a bad relationship it was just that somebody finally like you. And you overlooked every red flag to hold on to that feeling of being picked first.

Its sad and I know, but if you have never been on the receiving end of the meanness that the other sister goes through you will never understand. Because those moments when you feel beautiful are few and you want to hold on to them because you know that people will treat you nice otherwise you are invisible or talked about in the most crude way possible. People say that beauty is not important, but those are people who have never been treated in a crude way are compared to the next person only to be ignored or laughed at. I think all women want to be pretty or beautiful if for no other reason so that people want be so cruel to you.

Kloe what ever you need to do to feel pretty, do it. And for all the other sisters out there, do what makes you feel beautiful. I know they tell you that beauty is what is on the inside, but most people do not wait around to get to know the inside becasue they are to busy being crude to your outer appearance. And I have seen plenty of pretty mean girls, they never seem to have problems getting any friends no matter how they treat them.

Well I said what I needed to say.

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Why do you defend something or someone?

I have this love,love, love, fight relationship with my mom. I truly love her. But I often wonder does she love me as much. I mean I know she loves me yet I get this nagging feeling somewhere where my mind does not like to go but it goes too often. We argue all the time, she says it is because we are alike and at the same time she tells me that I am nothing like her. She contradicts her own words from day to day depending on how it will effect her.

But I think my fear of her no love comes from her not defending me.When we are anywhere in public and someone says something about me, she just agrees with them. Yet if she so much as think I am making fun of my sister she quickly defends her. Keep in mind I said if she so much as think I am, I tell you it is mindbogglingly. My sister keeps her car through out the week, and I am the one that takes her to all her appointments. She will complain about me while I drive her to her appointments.

I have mentioned this to her and she just blows it off and then she accuses me of being mean to her all the time. When I mention this to my sister who drives her car everyday, she admits that she notices it. In fact my other two sisters have notice this. My youngest sister (I have 3 sisters and many half sisters) says she hates that mom defends her too. She acknowledges that my mom defends her and my oldest sister. To hell with the middle two(that includes me).

To my surprise my youngest sister was upset that our mom would defend her becasue she took it as a sign of weakness. So my question to you is: Does defending someone makes them look weak are does it show love?

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