I quit

We date, we laugh,we break up,

I chase you, I run to you

We’re happy, Yeah that’s what’s up

Then you decide you want to run again

I can’t do this, I can’t keep

Doing this my friend

I love you, I love you

I really do

But this game of tag and chase

Your it

I’m tired of playing

In other words

” F” it I quit

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There are things that cannot be explained

Like,why I love you,

These feelings for you seem to remain

I shouldn’t, I know

I do, these feeling want go

If I leave, these feeling stay

There is something that want let them

Simply go away

I’m strong, I think,

But with you I sink

I fall over,and over, with just one kiss

Drugs I can avoid

But it’s you I can’t seem to resist

About me

When she walked into the room

Everyone stopped and starred

She knew without a doubt that obviously

That these people ” surly theses people

Where talking about poor little me”.


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She was not sad

No she was just there

Moving through life

Living life,but not feel the fresh air

Life was stale,mundane

Without any essence,surly she was going insane

She knew he was out there

Out there somewhere

Not a man willing to die for her

But somebody to love forever with her.

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