So what is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

I’ve only been a blogger for less than a year,and I must admit as with most bloggers I think my content is so important I will have Q tons of followers in no time. I was wrong. Make no mistake. I am happy with the people that do read what I have to say. So what am I getting at. Okay here goes. When I started writing I started seeing all these people getting nominated for an award. This may be a dumb question,but does anyone actually win. And if they win what are they winning. People please don’t get mad with me but if you do ……well get over it. But what is the point of the nomination. Make know mistake just 2 days ago I too was nominated and I was very happy. I felt good . And I took all the time to write a response and notify the bloggers whom inspires me. Later I started to think about it all. It kinda feels like a pyramid scheme,except no one is stealing money. More like in America where everyone gets a participating trophy. When you are little and everyone gets a trophy, we are all happy. As we get older we realize there has to be a winner. We can all be equal in life,yet that is not the same as standing above it all. I hope all of you understand what I am trying to say.

So can someone please explain the Sunshine Blogger Award. And if there is no winner and if there is no winners let’s figure out a way to vote for one of some. That’s just a thought.

On another note I have two questions I would like to propose. As I’ve mentioned before, is there anyone out there interested in writing an anthology book with several other authors,with the hopes of getting a book deal? 2. Would any of you be interested in a true poetry contest? With different categories and actually winners. Maybe even a cash prize( depending on the number of entries. Just a thought. Let me know. Let other people know.

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