Thank you mom

I came into this world,probably screaming and crying

I’m sure I bought her lots of pain,perhaps she felt like she was dying

Yet she held me close,fed me, and made sure I felt love

Played softball ball me, even when we couldn’t afford gloves

She helped me with my homework,stayed up late when I was sick

Her days long, and nights naps where short and quick

From the first day of kindergarten,to graduation of the twelfth grade

I think of you now,and thank you for all the sacrifices you made

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On bending knees

He ask for forgiveness with eyes and head bowed

Popped the question,its almost a whisper his heart pound so loud

Prayers to God, Eyes looking up to heaven

The battle is over,our fallen solider count, seven

On bending knees we show love, honor and grace

Trying to spread peace and balance to our chaotic place

Facing the edge

As I stand on the edge of this ledge debating should I jump off

Will the ground come fast will the landing be soft

I made mistakes to many to count

If taken the time to add up the good what will it amount

I’m a coward, I can’t face my failure nor my sins not even tomorrow

Here goes my leap, no more pain or sorrow

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Take flight

As I sit outside and watch my duck

I know he could not always fly

I’m sure he did not get it right

the first,second,third,fourth or even the fifth try


He did not stop to think, “I can’t do this.”

No, he tried, he tried,and tried again


His wings took him up,and up and up


Without much thought of falling he just

Take flight

Ok so I wrote this poem yesterday after feeding Drew Brees the duck.Yes that is his name. I have had him for I think over five years. When he is hungry he waits outside by the door under the truck. And when I come outside he follows me up the hill so that I can get some food to feed him.

Never give up

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Close your eyes

take a deep breath


can you feel me

I’m here

inhale the air

feel the sun on your face


I can hear you

I’m here

It’s okay

calm down


I’m here

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Only for a moment

Only for a moment

allow me the pleasure

to kiss your soft sweet lips

That I may dream of

this joyous feeling

of my moment of pure bliss

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