Poems on Sunday


The relationship was over

If only in her head

Today she would move forward

No need to beg

For forgiveness or beg to stay

It was the time to leave

Run fast and far away

But with only a dream and no map

She would probably be running forever, right now she felt trapped

Tumultuous Thursday

I danced

I stood quietly, and watched him go

Holding my breath, I quickly locked the door

And then, I turned the music as loud as I could

I danced, and danced, It felt so good

I wasn’t sad that he had left

No those where tears of joy I wept

It’s over now, I think I’ll sing a bit louder

I finally stood up for me and I couldn’t be more prouder

Poems on Sunday

But somehow I loved you

I didn’t trust you

But somehow I loved you

I saw the red flags

And choose to be color blind

I wanted it to work

Therefore I was always in denial

It was bad,fun, happy, then sad

Now it’s over,now I’m glad

Tumultuous Thursday


She already knew the answer before the question was asked

Therefore she stayed quiet and kept her mind on other task

But she thought about the future because the past haunted her

Surly she would do better tomorrow wouldn’t be a blur

The answer was to move on, and believe in herself

There was no point in asking a question, there was nothing left