Yes white is color,we know this to be true

But did restaurants put signs banning you

You gave us the name,now you wish to claim it to

Have you ever been banned from people different from you

Been hung,spit on, because of your hue

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If there is beauty in everything then why…..

If there is beauty in everything then why do other people feel the need to tell us what is beautiful? If you pay attention you will notice that there is some people in society that tell you what you should like. Some people will actually use the words” everyone likes this, this is all the rage, “. Then you have the others not saying words yet placing the words without saying them all over tv or a magazine.

Shouldn’t we know what we like. Think about this, there was once a time when many people thought having a big butt was ugly.Having full lips was ugly. Now many people go out of their way to achieve both. I once watched an episode of Andy Griffith and on this particular episode Aunt B was bullied after she won a fur coat and some home appliances. Every time she wore that coat “her friends,” talked about her. Saying things like “it’s not cold enough for that for coat, ” and, ” she thinks she’s to good to be around us in that fur coat. ” They made her feel so bad she eventually gave all her prizes back. Of course the next day one of her “friends” were walking around with a similar if not the same for coat. Her excuse now that she had it is” it’s not to hot to wear it. It’s nice and feels good, “. The moral of the story is some times people will tell you that something is ugly if they don’t have it,or if they can’t do it, or they didn’t invent it. I know I always seems to call back on us black people. Honestly I can only go by what I see and what I know. Another example would be the use of fun colors in our hair. When we did it, it was considered ghetto, on the other hand when white people do it, it is considered mermaid hair. That’s probably why white people are so mad about The Little Mermaid,who by the way is not real. I mean I do have a mermaid that lives in the water next to my house,but she is a grown woman mermaid. And she can not sing. Anyways as I was saying before, no one should be able to tell you what is beautiful.

Well that is all I have to rant about today. If any of you are aware of some of the things you are told to like comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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I’ve noticed that….

I have read quite a few great blogs and I came across one that made me ask this question to myself and to America. Lifesfinewhine.wordpress with PoojaG recently answered 73 questions in a kinda of magazine style homage,it was awesome. Anyways,one of her answers got me to thinking: PoojaG stated that her nationality is Kenyan.

I know you maybe wondering what am I getting at. Race and nationality are not the same thing, however it made me wonder. Do people in other countries have to identify what race they are? I mean when I was stationed overseas I was normally only identified as an American. Yet when I came back to America I am quickly reminded that I am an African-American, though I am not from Africa.

It’s like being given a label to make sure I stay in the right level on the shelf. Why is there a need to break down to the race of a person? I often wonder why that question is on every application you ever fill out. Of course they tell you that it is not important but they want to know. Okay people my question is are any of you ask about your race often? Or is it more about your nationality? Does it even matter? Because what race you are over here in America is important. They say it ain’t,yet they ask on everything.

Okay so I am through with my rambling. People feel free to chime in. I would love to know how your race or nationality has affected your life.

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Have any of you tried the DNA test?

I once ask question: Do you know who you are?”

I have not tried any of the DNA test. I can’t figure out why we need to know where we come from. Well a little part of me does. I guess I want to know is this: When you learn a little more about your DNA does it change anything? There is a reason why we say ignorance is bliss.

Just a thought. Let me know if any of you have tried it.

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Week 5 Challenge: Allow someone to change(reasonably)

Life Cycle Of Butterflies - Vector illustration

We do not start off who we become.(I hope)

I believe in everyone past we have done something we hope would never see the light of day. We say things, we do things, we try things, we are not perfect. It is often how often we repeat those “things” that can sometimes determine who we are. This is not always true, there is always a little gray area that many people flirt with myself included.

There are some people who will always be known as a thief. A drug addict will always be known to some people as a drug addict, it does not matter if they have not done drugs in 20 years.Some people will never except that that person has changed for the better.

My mom use to call almost every man she ever met a fagot. These are her words. Until she learned that her only son aka my brother was gay. She regrets ever using that word because she was using it to be mean. I’m sure she does not want anyone to use that word in a mean way to describe someone she loves. I use to quote Eddie Murphy from the movie 48 hrs. that went like this, “Listen up I don’t like white people.” I did not have problems with white people I think I said it for shock value because I use to say this when I would get on the school bus and there where white people on the bus. Later on my dad had become involved with a white lady and my little sister was born. I never said that phrase again. Love you little sis.

I do not think all people go through the phases of metamorphosis. Some people stay the worm, i.e., racist, homophobic,misogynist,bigoted you get the point. But some of us we grow into that beautiful butterfly if we’re lucky. Then there is some people who we think are going through the last stage of metamorphosis long enough to fool you for a little while. Yet their wings fall back off and you see that yes they are still a worm.

Can any of you relate? Do you believe people can change?

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What does a monster look like?

We need to believe that a monster is ugly on the outside. Never mind the fact that a person can not often choose the way they look. Yet somehow we believe that an ugly person, can easily be a killer. Ever wonder why? It is hard to believe that a monster could be sleeping in the bed with you. It is hard to believe that you raised a a monster. It is hard to believe that you married a monster. It is hard to believe because they look like everyday people. The monster can look like you. Yet surly you’re not a monster are you? A monster can not look like you.

The need to believe that monsters can not look like you it what makes it so easy to believe any bad thing you hear about any other ( monster) race. In all fairness there is no one superior race. We all do good and bad things. People don’t be so easily manipulated by fear.

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