Rain on me

Rain on me, cleanse me,I need to be baptized,I need to be forgiven

I need God to hear my cries, ,judge me not,and take me up to heaven

But not today,nor tomorrow

I want to see the world when there is not hate or sorrow

Rain on me,drown my salty tears with pure water sprinkled from an angle

Let it flow on every hurt raging soul, so their lives will not be so painful

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Close your eyes

take a deep breath


can you feel me

I’m here

inhale the air

feel the sun on your face


I can hear you

I’m here

It’s okay

calm down


I’m here

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On this day

On this day I give thanks to a man who gave his all

He carried his heavy cross sometimes he stumbled but never fall

Knowing he would die,he still came forward and had mercy for us

We are selfish,hateful,spiteful,yet He did not want us cursed

He was crucified, buried, three days later He rose to come back to Bless us

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Feeling the darkness

There’s a darkness I feel

yelling, clawing, pulling from down deep in my toes

It wants to come out, it

wants to take control

I want to scream, I want to cry

Please God, Please God

Don’t let this evil in me take hold

I need to fight this shadow

because I know that there is light

Maybe not in me now

But this bad feeling, I know need to fight

I can’t let it win

I’ve got to be strong

God help,God help

help me to move on

If I can believe for a moment

just a moment that everything will be okay

I can find the strength

inside me to make another day

Then I remember this quote

This too shall pass

I smile knowing without a doubt

It’s true,and the darkness has passed

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember never give up. Tomorrow is a new day. You are not alone. Many have felt like you do.

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Am I my brother’s keeper

We like to believe

that all lives matter

But sometimes a single

word can make our soul shatter

We hear lie after lie

and pretend that it is the truth

While sharing our fake morals

quoting the bible God bless you Ruth

Everyday we hear fake outrage

to everyday injustices

Yet this country was founded on

slaves,and their masters trying to break us

You see it with your own eyes

yet when it happens you seem genuinely surprised

Life is better for you

because you where not born black or brown

But just for a moment

think, if the roles where turned around

We came by boat in chains

yet you where given land

And if we so much as ask for our fair share

you scream,How dare you demand

Denied the right to read

to learn,and you call us dumb

We raised your children

yet you call us the lazy ones

We are all suppose to be equal

according to the Declaration of Independence

Am I my brothers keeper

Should be the question we ask our selves

Instead you say God bless white America

And to hell with everybody else

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God are you really there?

God forgive me if I question your presence but so much hate and deception is in this world. I do not understand how a loathsome man that beats his wife can win the lottery only a few days after a bitter divorce. I do not grasp how a stranger dies saving a baby life.Nor do I comprehend how a man that has lived his life full of chaos, bigotry,violence, racism and fraud became the President of the United States.

According to the bible Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. So what happens when a man sows hate and division pretending to use your name. As I have seen many people,kings, politicians, and presidents included,quote bible verses as they lock children in cages, beat women, and shackle down slaves.

So many bad things have been done God in your name. Yet so many of these people rise, and rise. I question why do I keep trying. I wonder am I really a good person. There is something in me that gets angry when I see an evil person rise. Sometimes it is like the good have no place in this world,for so many are rewarded for their bad behavior.

I know,I know Matthews 5:45 For He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. God why is that so. I understand, I do, it just does not make me feel good.

I pray, I do. I pray, I pray, I pray. And I watch as the person that did me the most wrong get blessed. I want to be happy for his blessing, but deep down I do not feel like he deserves them. Not that I am a good nor great person. But I don’t say that I try with only my mouth. I try to live right.

Can someone explain to me please, how a good people fall and the bad rise. God I am sorry if I do not understand. I know I am suppose to lean not to my own understanding. And I know you are there yet sometimes your voice needs to be more than just a whisper. Perhaps I am not one of your sheep for I do not know your voice. If that’s the case, help me to hear your voice.

Thanks for reading,I am ranting, but I needed to get this off of my chest. Can any of you relate?

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