Does society value women?

I will probably make a lot of people mad and you know what I don’t care. I need to tell my truth. I was once in the military and while I was serving I was injured. It was a hip injury. While I sustained other injuries while in the military this one would come back and haunt me.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs how I was sometimes treated as a female in the military always having to prove I belonged there. It is really a small difference working in the civilian world. Society does not tell you, that they hate for a woman to become pregnant if she works. They don’t tell you, how a woman will wait to the very last minute to tell her employer that she is pregnant because she knows there is a strong chance she might not get the raise,or the promotion, or perhaps even get hired.

What they tell you is,you must have this baby. Because in societies mind only promiscuous women get pregnant and need an abortion. That is far from the truth. As I mentioned before I was once in the military (security forces) and I sustained a hip injury. Fast forward 10 years and for the first time ever I am pregnant. I am excited. But that excitement did not last. Despite having a degree and military experience I could not find a great job, but I did have a job as a cashier at a warehouse.

We were required to lift heavy bulky items, there were no exceptions if you where pregnant. The problems first started when I was about 3 months pregnant and my body started really changing to accommodate the baby. The change created so much pain in my hip I could not stand longer than 10 minutes at a time. I was forced on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My hospital filed the wrong codes therefore the insurance company did not want to pay the hospital. This in turn made my Dr not want to fill out my paperwork so I could get short term disability at work.

This went on for about 4 months. I was spending all my savings. I’m stressing out which I don’t need to do because I am already high risk pregnancy . Even after explaining what happened it took another month to finally “fix” the error. I never wanted to go through that again. Once my baby came I immediately had a tubal ligation which failed 3 years later. And no my insurance company did not want to cover the pregnancy because they were aware that I had had a tubal ligation and they thought this was some form of insurance fraud. Yes I did have that baby. I was placed on bed rest with her as well. And yes if you are wondering I do love my little girl. The point of my story is this. All forms of birth control does not work. I had to jump through hoops when it came to my insurance when it came to me getting a tubal ligation. You see it is considered an elective surgery. I did not know that at the time.

I still do not work now. My hip did not go back to the way it was. If I sit the wrong way, lay the wrong way, stand up to long, I will not be able to walk for a while and if I do the pain is unbearable. But that is neither here nor there. The point of my story is for those people that like to look down on women who accidentally get pregnant. I’m just here to say, It can happen. That does not mean she is promiscuous. And that society treats pregnant women different and not in a good way.

One other quick thing. Most women know of a man that was promoted despite him deserving it simply because he is a man. Its funny how if a man’s wife haves a baby he ask for a raise to take care of his family. He is often given this raise to take care of his family. While on the other hand a women is overlooked, and underpaid because she is now a mother.

Ok I am through with my rambling.

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I know why you scream

I cover my ears

to block out the screams

I see the violence,I hear the lies,

this world we created once warm now cold and mean

I know the racism, prejudice

and despair is real

I can feel the stares,hear the mumbles

down in my bones there is a chill

We need to unite and come together

before it is to late

For no one can survive a world

that is only displaying its hate

Things we will not say out loud

I will start this blog off by saying I am independent, yet as I live in the south that is not allowed therefore I tell you I mostly vote democrat. This does not mean I hate God,nor guns. On the contrary I love Jesus and fear God and I have several guns(to hunt with 12 gauge and an air rifle for my son). I severed in the military and overall I love my country.

I try my best to be honest even though that honesty may get me in trouble. Truth is I don’t want to take the time to remember a lie. To start off I was not very political. I couldn’t care less who our president was after most elections. Hell I even voted for Obama, but for a moment I thought about voting for Hilary. I can not tell you that I knew what any of their stances on anything was, I only know when I heard Obama speak I believed almost everything that he said. Not sure if I needed to or wanted to, but I believed.

I wonder now is that what is happened to the people that voted for Trump. Did he make you believe?

To this day I cannot understand why so many people hate Obama. It can’t be because he said “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” It’s more than that, and you know it.

I get it, I get it ,You people that love Trump. I understand that no matter what he does you will still support him. Just like the people that still support Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein. Even now some of you are mad that I am putting Donald Trump in the same category. I assure you I am not. I only want to point out these people while disgraced in many eyes are still loved.

But people be honest, if not to anyone else least to yourself and to the country. Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. And if the wall was so important why did congress not pass a bill to fund the wall. And I do not want to hear they did not have enough votes. They had enough votes for the Tax Bill. And Trump only wants that wall because Mexican aka brown people are coming through it. There is no wall on the Canadian Border. Trumps claims that Mexicans are bringing drugs and sex trafficking to our country. Ok for a moment let’s say that that is true. Who do you think is buying said drugs and people.I tell you this,even Walmart would stop selling something that no one is buying. No I am not saying Walmart is selling illegal drugs. I am saying people only sell what people are buying.

Another thing besides the fact that Mexico was suppose to pay for the wall, Democrats do want border security. And there is a big difference between a wall and a fence. Don’t be fooled when Trump tells the American people he ask Nancy for money for the border wall and she says no. Trump then tells the American people the Democrats do not want border security. Two different things. It is like he is trying to use slide of hands yet with words.

We look foolish to the world. We are fighting the way that wolves know that soon someone will fall. And when we do our enemies are waiting to pounce on us.

And CNN, Fox News, MSCBN, and other news outlets, I know you are suppose to be covering this story. Yet you are particular in your use of words. You seem to make it a point to say “Who is going to cave first.” And you know our President does not like to hear that. It makes him look weak.

So as more and more Americans not get paid, I tell you that I am sorry I have been there(not a shut down just no income coming in and terrified I would loose what little I had). But at some point we have to realize even the people we like the most will let us down.

P.S. one more thing. Neither side wants to move because they fear loosing their job(re-election) No I don’t think they really care about ours

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