Poems on Sunday


Gone are the days

Of anger and sadness

Gone is frustration

And my madness

Gone are the days

Of feeling blue

Gone are those days

Because you took them

With you

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Ten word poem Tuesday


Don’t know if

I’ve settled



With the devil

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If you said you were sorry

would anything change

Or would I be given you

more rope for you to hang

If I went back would I

still make the same choice

Probably so, I like looking at you

I’m drawn to your beautiful voice

If I didn’t love you maybe

my life would not be so chaotic

But then I would sad dull

moving around almost robotic

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hey I don’t want to be a robot.

That moment you realize

There is a always a moment in

your life when you know

where everything changed

That moment before you say

“I do,” something causes you to pause

making your thought rearrange

That moment of hesitation before

you ask that question you really

don’t want to know the answer to

That moment you come

home early from work and you

partner is so startled and surprised

That moment you realize evertyhing

up until this moment

has all been lies

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Can you call me beautiful?

Can you call me

beautiful, that’s all I

want you to say

To look me in the

eyes, allow me to

take your breath away


Can you call me

beautiful, that’s all

I ask of you

To see only me

tell me no

other women will do


Can you call

beautiful as you hold

my hand  with pride

And when we walk

in public, smile with me

do be ashamed nor hide


Can you call me

beautiful and let

the world know it’s true

Just to hear those

words, forever, I will

always love you


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