A kiss on the forehead

We often embrace to show someone we care

But there is something about a kiss on the forehead

that can pull you away from despair

And when you receive that kiss

You know your world will be alright

you know at that moment you are not alone in any fight

No that kiss on the forehead you remember started

when your mom would kiss you goodnight

It’s was the kiss of protection to keep you safe

when you where out of her site

And then later on in life

This kiss is given to a husband or wife

No matter the reason you should feel special to receive this kiss

Because everyone doesn’t get it, some can only wish

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Total Recall=Money in the trash

People this post is really just for me to get this anger off my chest so I can say I put my two cent in or that I did say something to everybody and nobody at the same time. But here goes. Over the last year I honestly can not tell you how many food, dog included we have had recalled. I mean don’t get me wrong I know the FDA is suppose to be looking out for our safety, I think I just need someone to direct my anger to. What I am getting at is this:I spend all this money on food and then the News Broadcasters tell me to just throw it in the trash. Just like that. I mean I don’t want to get sick but after throwing away almost five to ten items a week it starts getting expensive. Why can’t I take it back to the store and get a refund. Maybe ,just maybe if we start bringing in enough bad food and demanding a refund stores will stop selling us this toxic stuff to begin with. Lets start it now #refundonrecalledfood. Okay I’m through venting. Anybody notice this problem. I’m just saying

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