This helped with my adult acne

It can be embarrassing to walk around at any age to walk around with acne. I have suffered from acne so bad in my teen I was once asked by a classmate did I have chickenpox. People that was very embarrassing. If you do not have acne you do not know how it feels to have people judge you and talk about you to your face.

I have tried so many acne medications and home remedies and none of them seem to work. And believe me, there is always someone giving you advice even though they have never suffered from acne. I have had some people tell me that the reason my skin breaks out so much is because I put all this stuff on it. Keep in mind this is said as they are piling tons of make up on their face( something I am/is still scared to do).

This soap works for me. It is not that expensive. I think it cost me $6. I love it. I use it twice a day. No this is not a sponsored post. I saw a post the other day advising people on great ways to help clear acne. I know that struggle. It can be devastating. Parents if you have a child that has acne try this. If not please take your child to the dermatologist, please. It could be life changing. And you don’t know not understand if you have never had to live with acne. And people always seem to blame the acne sufferers for their acne. Trust me if we knew what made our face break out we would have been cured our own acne.

Ok I’m done with my advice,take it or leave it.

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Just keep trying

I could not walk the first time I tried

I crawled,scraped my knee, sometimes I cried

I rode a bike, but I fell more times than not

I kept getting back on,because sometimes trying is all you got

True you will not succeed in everything you do

Just keep trying eventually, your hard work will reward you

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Seeing Me

When I look in the mirror do I like what I see

Perhaps I like my reflection,but do I see me

Do I see the woman that always tries

Yet if I look closer still, do my eyes reflect my silent cries

Is there strength and courage forming on the line around my nose

When people ask for a good woman, the point at me saying,”There she goes.”

Do I see all my faults and none of my beauty

Or will my eyes only see me, seeing me

Has this ever happened to you?

I’m criticized so often I came to realize

a compliment comes as more of a surprise

you look so mean

why don’t you smile

I’m criticized so often I came to realize

a compliment comes as more of a surprise

Your’re so short

Your’re ugly

I’m criticized so often I came to realize

a compliment comes as more of a surprise

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Can you see me?

I stand beside her

watching as people

ignore my existence

They smile at her

they greet her by

name even from a distance

I stand beside her

listening to all given

her great compliments

They love her

they trust her, she’s

beautiful surely heaven sent

I stand beside her

knowing she will

always be seen

I only ask

this question

Can you see me

Can any of you relate to feeling invisible. I mean I know there are times that we all wish to be invisible, but not all the time.

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Can you call me beautiful?

Can you call me

beautiful, that’s all I

want you to say

To look me in the

eyes, allow me to

take your breath away


Can you call me

beautiful, that’s all

I ask of you

To see only me

tell me no

other women will do


Can you call

beautiful as you hold

my hand  with pride

And when we walk

in public, smile with me

do be ashamed nor hide


Can you call me

beautiful and let

the world know it’s true

Just to hear those

words, forever, I will

always love you


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