Have you been living a lie?

What do we get out of posting all these fake images of us living this great life? When in reality we are really sitting at home wishing for the life someone else pretends to have.

My confession, I am not always happy, sometimes I cry for no reason, sometimes I hate looking at myself in the mirror,sometimes I hate the dumb things I do.

However,I think I have a pretty smile, I like that people come to me for advice, and I love my children all the time(hint they make me smile my pretty smile). I like that I never give up and I always try. I don’t have a fancy car, because I like trucks.

What is your confession good or bad. Saying it out loud will give you some type of relief.

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Stop Saying He Caved

Before I start it is important that I point out I am not a Trump fan. He is very fascinating in a train wreck kinda of way, and I do not like all the lies, nor do I like his blunt racism, bigotry, divisiveness, I could go on, but many of you already know this and don’t care.

Right now Donald Trump has chose to compromise and the media wants to paint him as being weak. I know, I know, I know he has done this to himself. Yet this is the reason he did not want to bend the knee as Khalessi would say. I mean people are back to work and soon getting their paychecks. It is not lost on me that he caused all of this. Watching all of this unfold reminds me of the show Deal or No Deal. When a person thinks they can get a better deal they refuse the deal made by the banker. In the end most of the contestant always regret the deal the made in the end because it is always lower.

I’m sure Trump thought he could bully his way to a better deal and he did not want to hear people say he is a wimp, wuss, he blinked,he chickened out, it was all for nothing. Remember the government is now open. But trust me if people (the media,social and the news) keep reminding him that he caved (and this is done all for ratings at the cost of our economy and lively hood) he will not compromise the next time.

I know, I know, I know if the shoe was on the other foot he would never let the Democrats live it down. And Pelosi you did a grrrreat job and thank you. But please do not go boasting. Most boxers, football players, hell most
athletes will praise the formidable opponent , perhaps she should do that.

Make no mistake, no Democrats still do not want to pay for a wall, and no a fence is not the same thing. You do not build a house with a fence. I’m just saying.

Give me your opinion on this

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Don’t believe the hype

Every day we are shown snippets of a story and are told to be outraged. We are never shown the entire story just enough to make us angry and more divided. The sad thing is, we always believe the worst. We always jump to conclusion,myself included. I jump to wrong conclusion often. Sometimes when more of a story is given after I have jumped to the wrong conclusion I still refuse to believe the truth when it is starring me right in the face.

I wonder am I like that because we are so often shown the worse of anything, which in turn makes us believe the worse first. Think about it.The need to be outraged is outrageous. It is like something in us needs to feel good about ourselves so we look for the worse in other people. And the news doesn’t help. We are being lied to with half truths, and manipulated everyday by our own president (yes he lies and you know it) and the news.

The news will only give of partial statistics or if necessary go back as far as they need to make there story appear worse than what it really is. And our need to know what is going on in the world only brings us to the same people who wants us in uproar to give them more news to talk about.

People we need to stop jumping to conclusion,myself included. Stop giving the instigators the attention they are seeking by giving you only part of a story. I mean have you every just read the first or last page of a book and not the middle and simply just guest the rest of the story.

Don’t believe the hype of this much hate. We are better than this. We have to be. Anyways Happy Martin Luther King Day.

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Week 1 Challenge: Complement someone

I know ,I know we all have the typical weight loss goal and/or save more money. How is that working for you? I mean don’t give up on those goals just don’t go about them the way you have in the past.(hint ,It did not work for me) And I know our lives should not be based on other people’s opinion but  sometimes it is. And there is something good about a complete stranger complementing you on something you might be self conscious of and watch how they may walk with a little more pep in their step. I mean don’t tell everyone around you the same thing because no one will feel special.And the goal of this challenge is to lift someone spirits. Trust me this will make you  both feel good.

Happy New Years everyone.

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In the wrong hands

Very quick post today. This is just a thought of mine. I love watching the first Iron Man movie because it took a lot of everything for Tony Stark  to make it out of that cave after he built the Iron Man suit while attached to a car battery in the dark with minimum  supplies. Let’s face Tony Stark is brilliant. Anyways the point of this short blog is this: Tony wanted to help the military with his “Bombs” he  never thought about what would happen if they went into the wrong hands and be used for bad.

The same could be applied to social media. I’m sure it is suppose to be meant to bring us closer together yet for all that we are many of us have found a way to use it against as many people as possible.

That’s all I have to say for today. Happy New Years everyone,try I mean please try to do something positive with social media. Good bye 2018.


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