The show she puts on

She walks with

her head held high

She ignores the smirks

and sneers of the passerby

She hears the whispers

spoken behind her back

She knows her imperfections

and the beauty she lacks

She feels the laughter

and know there is nothing she can do

Yet she walks head high

to put on a show for you

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Feeling the darkness

There’s a darkness I feel

yelling, clawing, pulling from down deep in my toes

It wants to come out, it

wants to take control

I want to scream, I want to cry

Please God, Please God

Don’t let this evil in me take hold

I need to fight this shadow

because I know that there is light

Maybe not in me now

But this bad feeling, I know need to fight

I can’t let it win

I’ve got to be strong

God help,God help

help me to move on

If I can believe for a moment

just a moment that everything will be okay

I can find the strength

inside me to make another day

Then I remember this quote

This too shall pass

I smile knowing without a doubt

It’s true,and the darkness has passed

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember never give up. Tomorrow is a new day. You are not alone. Many have felt like you do.

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