Introverts unite

If you are an introvert perhaps you are like me. You truly enjoy your own company. And that is okay. This blog is for us people who have something to say but we don’t actually want to be around other people to say it. I once wrote a post asking you “do you know who you are?”

I learned that there is underlying anger in me that surfaces when I talk to my mom. It comes from me being a second child. My mom and dad had 5 children. I was not the first girl nor was I the youngest child. I was kinda just there. My mom as sweet as she can be told me that she does not have a lot of pictures of me because of the reason stated above. I do not fit the profile the middle child syndrome except to say that I am the second child. I hate that I feel this anger like I am always trying to prove to my mom I am important considering my age. I think that part of most people will never go away.

For those you who feel not part of something yet want to be, but not actually have to go and meet real people. This is where you belong.

Again I like the company of me. Perhaps that comes from always being ignored and I learned how to entertain myself.

Okay people tell me what you do to feel like part of something from a distance.

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In the wrong hands

Very quick post today. This is just a thought of mine. I love watching the first Iron Man movie because it took a lot of everything for Tony Stark  to make it out of that cave after he built the Iron Man suit while attached to a car battery in the dark with minimum  supplies. Let’s face Tony Stark is brilliant. Anyways the point of this short blog is this: Tony wanted to help the military with his “Bombs” he  never thought about what would happen if they went into the wrong hands and be used for bad.

The same could be applied to social media. I’m sure it is suppose to be meant to bring us closer together yet for all that we are many of us have found a way to use it against as many people as possible.

That’s all I have to say for today. Happy New Years everyone,try I mean please try to do something positive with social media. Good bye 2018.


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